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Revenue boost

In the year 2000, the sequencing of the first human genome, with a cost of $3 billion, was announced by Bill Clinton and Tony Blair. Today, the cost of sequencing that same genome has been reduced to less $1,000 thanks to innovation and advances in computing technology, opening the door to personalised diagnosis and treatment.
In the same way, innovation and computer technology can provide insights on untapped performance to boost revenue.

B2B Revenue Boost

B2B is evolving into a more complex consultative type of sales. In the telco industry, for example, operators are becoming ICT solution providers with vertical solutions for different industries. A successful B2B strategy should take into account:

  • Segmentation of clients based on industry vertical or value
  • Value proposition adapted to each segment
  • Agent - client binomial: based on the type of territory, high value vs. mid value, solution specialist, etc.
  • Objectives based on potential vs. past performance Rather than just ”intuition” based we can take data & fact-driven decisions.

Contact Centre Optimisation

Contact Centres have become a a fundamental component on any direct sale strategy. While a lot of attention is placed on the lead generation, companies can greatly increase their sales effectiveness by properly addressing the contact centre operations:

  • Implementing a multi Contact Centre strategy that primes suppliers with higher performance both in number of leads and incentives provided
  • Developing agent-matching processes that pair leads with the agents that will maximise revenue conversion

Insight has developed a SaaS agent-matching solution that can find the optimum agent for each lead in real time, increasing ROI and customer satisfaction.

Commercial boost - telco operators

The approach to a commercial boost of telco operators combines an in-depth analysis of the situation with all the all the available data (i.e. revenue, network, Point-of-Sale) with a close collaboration of the Client's team to provide guidance an foster change:

  • Territory analysis is performed in micro-clusters to provide a high level of granularity to the commercial strategy
  • PoS segmentation segmented mainly on their revenue potential (vs. current performance)
  • A full transformation plan is designed and executed including levers such as POS presence model, target incentives, or the commercial organisation model.

Customer Insights & Digital Adoption

"You have to start with the customer experience and work backwards towards the technology. You can't start with the technology and then figure out how you are going to sell it", Steve Jobs.

Customer experience has become a key competitive advantage. Insight Solutions can help you generate the customer insights and prepare your organisation for a successful customer experience.

Customer Experience - CX

In a world where products are becoming highly comoditised, CX is becoming the key differentiating factor for success.
Insight has adopted the "Five waves" framework developed by the DEC Association in their CX projects:

  • Company identity
  • Organisational push
  • People involvement
  • Customer interactions
  • Analysis and action

Customer Insights

Any leader within an organisation requires a competitive map to define their strategy, direct efforts and take tactical measures. It is an irony that in a digital world, the information available is not always sufficient or properly structured to provide the customer insights that you, as a leader, require.
Some examples of customer insights designed by Insight include:

  • Customer insights - telco industry
  • Digital adoption - digital experience in the banking industry
  • Data adoption - telco operators
  • Customer experience in B2B environments

Customer Insights Monetisation

Telco operators in emerging markets are the most reliable source of consumer data, which sits in silos across different areas of their organisation. They can generate new revenue streams by leveraging on the value of this data, without exposing their consumers' personal details. Potential buyers of well structured information include:

  • Governments and international donors
  • Marketeers
  • Credit bureaus
  • Online publishers

Payments and Mobile Money

In emerging markets, mobile money brings many benefits to the development of a country and their citizens. It also represents an opportunity for telco operators, who are leading this revolution, to engage further with their customers and tap new revenue streams.
A successful development of mobile money and payments needs to take into account the level of financial development, the legal framework, and the competitive landscape. Examples of innovation as a result of mobile money include the mobile directory developed by NIBSS in Nigeria or the M-Akiba mobile bond in Kenya.
Insight Solutions, and their team of advisors, have the experience required to support your organisation on a successful deployment of mobile money.

Mobile Money echosystem

Any successful mobile money will will rest on three plus one pillars:

  • The product offering (e.g. money accounts, prepay cards)
  • The infrastructure that supports it (e.g. 2G phones, smarthphones, POS)
  • Additional value added services that provide convenience to both consumers and merchants (i.e. subsidy payments, split payments, insurance)
  • Merchant capillarity as a result of the three previous pillars and reinforced by a commercial push

Commercial push on mobile money adoption

Mobile Money adoption takes time. Our research shows that in might take up to eight years to reach a critical mass that will spark adoption dramatically.
Mobile money adoption can be accelerated, reducing the paybak time on mobile money investment by following:

  • Smart commercial deployment on merchants
  • Marketing / educational campaigns on consumers

Cashless Index

The World Bank has set up themselves a goal to reach Universal Financial Inclusion by 2020. This is a goal shared by many governments and financial Organisations in emerging markets.
The design of policies and actions to address this goal requires of the right tools to monitor mobile money adoption.
Insight Solutions has developed a proprietary solution to support Governments and Public Institutions. It feeds from data collected from the different sources (i.e. banks, mobile money agents) to offer a continous monitoring of the state of financial inclusion at geographical level and per demographics.


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