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Sales & Customer Experience transformation B2B

Today, over 50% of the B2B buyers are millennials in the US and they expect the same kind of digital experience they expect as consumers: research product information online, get a fast response to a query and make an e-commerce order. At the same time, they appreciate human interaction (not necessarily face-to-face) to provide them advice and support during the purchasing process.

As the purchasing behaviour of decision makers change, B2B organisations need to adapt by providing a fluid experience between the online and offline channels. The role of the sales organisation is becoming more focused on client acquisition as well as providing consultative advice (vs. pure order taking). Inside Sales is becoming prominent by providing a fast and effective response to customer needs while being more efficient from an organisational perspective.

Omni-channel strategy in B2B

Today's B2B buyers migrate freely between a self -service (digital) and a full-service (sales rep) channel, with most of them staying somewhere in between: the omni-channel model.

A successful implementation of an omni-channel strategy requires the adoption of best practices in six key areas, under a well-orchestrated plan, which involves Digital adoption, Inside Sales, Organisational fit, Process reengineering, Tools and People.

Salesforce productivity in B2B

In a digital context, sales organisations need to focus on higher value activities (i.e. consultative selling and client acquisition). Also, ultra-low cost communication has made remote sales a highly efficient channel.

For B2B sales organisations to thrive they need to segment customers and map them to right primary sales channel (i.e. digital, remote sales, field sales), rethink tasks, processes and objectives and learn and replicate what they are already doing well.

Enhance Customer Experience

In a world of product hyper commoditisation, customer experience – CX - is the key differentiating factor.

To become CX -focused, organisation need to follow a holistic view such as DEC's 5 Wave© framework: Company identity, Organisationa push, People involvement, Customer interactions and Analysis & action.

AI-driven Sales and CX optimisation

In the year 2000, the sequencing of the first human genome was announced by Bill Clinton and Tony Blair. The total cost was USD 3bn. Today, the cost of sequencing that same genome has been dramatically reduced to less $1,000 thanks to innovation and advances in computing technology, opening the door to personalised diagnosis and treatment.

In the same way, that innovation and computer technology has opened the door to organisations to improve their commercial effectiveness and enhance the CX using big data and AI.

Contact Centre optimisation

While a lot of science is being invested on optimising the lead generation part of customer acquisition campaigns, Insight’s research has demonstrated that the most important factor to get the customer “Yes!” is the contact centre agent.

Insight can help organisations boost +10% their revenue generated in contact-centre customer acquisition through a multi Contact Centre strategy that primes suppliers with higher performance and / or real time agent-customer matching to maximise revenue conversion and customer satisfaction

AI-based CX optimisation

Organisations who already have sound customer experiences foundations, can take advantage of AI, digitalisation and human interactions to provide a best of class customer experience.

Insight has designed solutions to enhance the customer experience across the full sales journey, monitor the NPS and perform pre-emptive actions to avoid customer burn-out and churn.


CX optimisation through network data

Telco operators generate every hour gigabytes of network-related data which can be crucial to provide a differential customer experience. The biggest challenge for telco operators is to identify the right data, generate the insights necessary and act on them.

Insight has partnered with ShowMe, a mobile network data specialist, to provide agile solutions specific to the telco industry to enhance customer experience and boost loyalty through network analytics.

Adaptive inventory forecasting at PoS

In specific industries where products may a very short shelf life (food perishables, printed media and fast-fashion), the need for an accurate forecasting for product inventory at the point of sale is key to drive profitability and customer experience. Insight has developed and implemented algorithms for customers in the printed media where that help to optimise the quantity of publications to be delivered to each PoS to maximise revenue

Sales and Distribution optimisation in Emerging Markets

Sales and Distribution (S&D) in emerging markets differ substantially from developed countries due to its high level of fragmentation, lack of uniformity and lack of infrastructure. In specific industries, such as the telecommunications and financial services, an optimum S&D execution is a key factor of success on achieving higher consumer penetration and higher usage.

Insight’s team has supported telco operators and financial organisations succeed in their go-to-market strategy across Africa and Latin America.

S&D Intelligence

Insight's analysis has demonstrated that once a territory reaches an optimum PoS capillarity, combined with the right format (e.g. franchise, independent PoS, agents), user penetration can grow exponentially.

Insight’s methodology allows telco operators, mobile money institutions and retail banks profile territories at high level of granularity and define the right deployment strategy for each one of them. Through Insight’s Preferred Partner Plan© programme, PoS are segmented and their business potential is estimated to focus commercial actions and resources on achievable and sustainable growth

Geomarketing Maturity Index

A successful S&D organisation requires the right intelligence to monitor the status of their own S&D network, the competition’s and identify opportunities for growth. Insight Solutions has developed a Geomarketing Maturity Index (GMI) which helps organisations gauge the capabilities of the Geomarketing team to respond to the business challenges.


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